Jardín Es Tuyo – Jardín, Colombia

Jardín Es Tuyo Hotel has one of the best locations in Jardín. With views overlooking the plaza and church, people-watching the locals and tourists interacting is a must. Bars, restaurants, cafes, and endless other options are located just a short walk from the hotel. The large balcony stretching the length of the building allows for perfect visibility, and clean and spacious dormitory rooms are perfect for those with a larger group wishing to enjoy nights in the same room. Though this is a hotel, rooms are mostly two beds or more.



The place is tidy and neat, and the art reflects the religious and taste of people from Jardín. Showers are hot, the kitchen is fully-stocked with the basic necessities, and coffee is available in an espresso machine if that suits your fancy.



Although this hotel isn’t large, it’s jam-packed with options for tours of all kinds, including horseback riding through town, trekking through the jungle to find huge waterfalls, or even repelling down the steep mossy slope of one for a thrill you won’t forget. I took a repelling tour with the company they employ, Jardín de Aventura, and it exceeded my expectations.





After being greeted by our tour guides, we were off in a jeep to travel through the mountain jungle to arrive at a small house next to a huge waterfall. While looking down the steep slope of the waterfall I asked myself why I signed up for such a large decision against my life, but after watching carefully the care our guides took to keep our group of three safe, my worries were softened. It turns out repelling down a slippery waterfall isn’t all that hard, and definitely worth it. The sheer amount of plant and animal diversity covering every inch of the slope was something to stop and stare at. Everything, from the rocks to the tree trunks had life seeping through the cracks, and the water was mesmerizing and refreshing.


Ending the tour with a coffee and a vision of this beauty…

…we headed back bouncing around in the Jeep and back into town. I was happy with the experience and our guides and would recommend Jardín de Aventura for any adventurous tours you have in mind during your stay at Jardín Es Tuyo.

What Could Be Improved:

The noise from the main square can be an issue, especially on weekends as the plaza is where everyone likes to hang out. On weekdays things are a bit more calm. Also, you might have a hard time finding some alone time during your stay here, as most rooms are dorms. Your best bet is the balcony.



However, I would recommend this hostel to any who are looking for a great location in Jardín with clean and comfortable accommodation and plenty of connections for things to do in the area.


The repelling tour was kindly provided by Jardín de Aventura, but all opinions, photography and spelling mistakes are my own!

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